Drypro waterproof Prosthetic protector

The DRYPro prosthetic leg protector is a waterproof cover intended to assist those with prosthetics enjoy showering, bathing and swimming without removing their prosthetic. With the DRYPro waterproof prosthetic cover, those who have suffered a leg amputation and have prosthetic limb, can gain their freedom back in the water. This waterproof cover can be used on a daily basis, for water of all kinds.

Enjoy the water without restriction of movement, standing independently with the use of your prosthetic. With vacuum seal technology that covers the entire prosthetic and a non-skid grid that prevents the cover from coming off, the prosthetic protector is completely submersible. The DRYPro waterproof prosthetic leg cover is safe in salt and fresh water environments. The prosthetic leg cover has a non-skid grid on foot for walking and running in slippery circumstances and is also made from surgical rubber that is both durable and rip-resistant.


  • Vacuum sealed
  • Completely waterproof
  • Safe in salt/fresh water environments
  • Non-skid grid prevents slipping
  • Latex free
  • Made from a durable surgical rubber that won’t tear/rip

Indications for use

  • Protects your prosthesis against water when you swim, bath or shower

Sizing and specifications

  • XSmall – XLarge