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South Africa's leading supplier of premier orthotic devices.

Orthoactive supplies medical orthotic and orthopaedic appliances to benefit society and improve people’s lives. These orthotic braces can be pre-made and fitted or custom made with measurements taken by your Orthotist. Our range of "off the shelf" (OTS) orthotics, and custom-made orthopaedic products are sold exclusively through orthotists, prosthetists and other allied health professionals.


Orthotics can be defined as orthopaedic appliances, splints, braces and devices that provide support, correction or protection of a body part or limb.

Orthopaedic products and orthotics are typically used to:

  • Support of an injured joint or body part
  • Allow for safe healing after an orthopaedic injury
  • Improve long-term functioning of mal-alignment or weakness
  • Protection against injury during participation in sport
  • Correction or prevention of deformity


Orthoactive supplies orthotists, prosthetists and other allied health professionals with pre-made orthotic braces and orthopaedic products by leading internationally accredited manufacturers including:

Allard International manufactures the full range of soft, textile and rigid orthotic devices. We supply almost all of Allard International's products, from wrist, arm and shoulder to knee, hip and neck orthotics. We also supply Orthotists with Allard International's leading foot and ankle orthotics, namely the Navigait, Ypsilon, ToeOff and Blue Rocker.

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Established in 1999, iWALK-Free is the world leader in hands-free crutches more than a decade later. This award winning medical mobility device ends the pain and inconvenience of conventional crutches allowing unsurpassed mobility and comfort, hands-free.

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DRYPro offers a range of waterproof body protectors to allow for swimming, showering and bathing. Made from high quality surgical rubber, the vacuum sealed waterproof cover fit over casts, bandages, ostomies, PICC lines and prostheses.

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SPIO is a highly flexible bracing system made from a specialized multi-directional stretch. SPIO supplies Orthoactive with sleeves for the wrist, hand, torso, abdomen, upper body and lower body. SPIO's patented compression orthotics provide a multi-directional tension to mimic the deep pressure sensory information proprioceptive feedback system. This compression allows for improved positional limb and body awareness, improved core muscle and joint stabilization, and increased precision of muscle activation and movement.

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OPED is the manufacturer of innovative medical products in the field of orthoses. Their product range is known for its comprehensive therapy concepts and distinctive range of vacuum orthoses, specifically the VACOped boot which offers optimum care with the highest degree of mobility and hygiene.

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Jobskin built its reputation by producing outstanding quality medical pressure garments for over 40 years. Jobskin’s Sensory Dynamic Orthosis (SDO®) Lycra Garments allow for dynamic compression to increase sensory and proprioceptive feedback as well as provide musculoskeletal support. Each garment is designed and produced to the finest detail, being fully custom made with specific measurements.

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Basko Healthcare is an international manufacturer and supplier of superior quality orthopaedic products. With more than 80 years of experience in orthopaedic devices, Basko manufactures a range of orthoses and bandages for the neck and torso.

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The Physicool range includes cooling compression bandages, Ice Wrap, and fast acting coolant which offer a unique yet clinically-proven cooling that reduces pain and swelling faster than ice.

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Orthoactive provides state-of-the-art orthotic devices to a range of Orthotists & Prosthetists in and around South Africa. Be sure to contact us for a referral to an orthotists, prosthetists or allied health professional near you.