Established in 1999, iWALKFree is still the world leader in hands-free crutches more than a decade later.

Physicool is a unique cooling bandage system impregnated with rapidly evaporating alcohols. When the bandage is wrapped around a limb or body part, the alcohols will react to the body heat and evaporate.

DRYPro offers a range of waterproof body protectors. Made from high quality surgical rubber, the protectors fit over casts, bandages, ostomies, PICC lines and prostheses.

Basko is an international manufacturer and supplier of superior quality orthopedic products. Basko was founded in 1936 in Amsterdam, then later moved to Zaandam in the Netherlands. They have since then expanded and now also have 2 independent branches in Germany and Austria.

Allard International was born in 1996 when Bertil Allard bought the company Camp Scandinavia and the right to its name. Camp Scandinavia was for many years a manufacturing company of orthopedic corsets in Scandinavia.

The SPIO concept was originally invented and designed by a seamstress called Cheryl Allen in the early 1990’s. Her son was one of Nancy Hylton’s patients and Cheryl wanted to mimic the deep pressure sensory information her son received through Nancy’s hands during therapy.