Physicool is a unique cooling bandage system impregnated with rapidly evaporating alcohols. When the bandage is wrapped around a limb or body part, the alcohols will react to the body heat and evaporate. The evaporative process draws heat out of the local underlying tissue. Whilst the deep tissue is cooling down the simultaneous compression will modify the inflammatory response, helping healing and recovery.

Physicool’s cooling products have been designed and medically tested to deliver the very best in instant cooling therapy. Each bandage comes pre-treated in the medically formulated coolant. Physicool’s reusable cooling bandage combines instant cooling, compression and support.

Physicool in the treatment of an injury: When an injury occurs there is inflammation and pain. Oedema occurs due to an increase in local blood flow to the injured site. The application of Physicool’s cooling bandage reduces the tissue temperature around the injured site resulting in constriction of local blood vessels; therefore reducing blood flow and swelling, treating the injured area. Reducing the amount of swelling early on will reduce the pain as the nerve endings at the injured site will not be as compressed.

Physicool in sports injury treatment and rehabilitation: Physicool is a sports injury treatment and kit- bag essential. Used by sport enthusiasts, athletes, therapists and coaches. It is used to treat acute injuries or systematically used throughout training for recovery. Physicool has become a reliable rehabilitation essential, enabling athletes and sport enthusiasts to recover quicker, train harder and reach peak performance.