iWALK 3.0 Hands Free Crutch

What is the iWalk 3.0 crutch?

The iWalk 3.0 crutch is the best solution for non-weight bearing lower leg injuries. The iWalk 3.0 is an easy to learn, economical to own, pain-free device that provides unsurpassed mobility. The iWalk 3.0 crutch is also well-cushioned for comfort, and when using the iWalk 3.0 crutch, you use the same upper leg muscles that you normally would in everyday walking, so there is no strain on any body part like there is with standard crutches. Its unique design allows you to carry out everyday tasks with more confidence and less risk of further injury.

Why iWalk 3.0?

iWalk 3.0 is entirely safe and easy to move with and does not require any manual assistance. The design is unique and inexpensive. Some extraordinary features include straps that you can easily adjust and a modifiable crutch for a left or right leg injury. Thigh support can be adjusted with rotatable thumb screws, a knee platform and leg buckles.

You can use the foot to modify the walking aid for left or right leg use. A height adjustment clip enables you to reorient the foot at 180 degrees. A gate strap is ideally modified three fingers apart, depending on your preference from the new knee platform. By lengthening or shortening the lower crutch area, you can make sure your iWalk matches the height of your other good leg. A knee handle is attached for further support.

Who will benefit from iWalk 3.0?

Almost everyone who has an injury below the knee or has suffered a loss of limb mobility will benefit from iWalk 3.0. The iWalk 3.0 is an ideal aid in helping you get back on track and meeting the demands of your lifestyle.

Amputees below the knee can also use the device for limitless movement and independence. iWalk is a means for new amputees to train their balance while their prosthetics are being prepared.

What are the requirements before using iWalk 3.0?

  • Injury below the knee
  • Your height must be between 147-198cm
  • The required weight is 125kg or under
  • Maximum of 71cm thigh circumference or less (upper part of the leg)
  • Average strength and balance -before the injury, you can walk up and down the stairs without using the rail.

What is the outcome?

iWalk 3.0 makes it possible to climb a flight of stairs, grab a cup of coffee, carry out errands, go shopping and walk the dog with ease. You will notice that you are becoming more confident in your walk the longer you make use of iWalk 3.0.

How do the experts weigh in?

Because of the award-winning design, your iWalk 3.0 is an advanced alternative to ordinary crutches or knee scooters and a quick solution should you develop an injury below the knee. Statistics indicate that over 80 per cent of patients prefer iWalk crutch; not only this, but doctors recommend it too.

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