The SPIO concept was originally invented and designed by a seamstress called Cheryl Allen in the early 1990’s. Her son was one of Nancy Hylton’s patients and Cheryl wanted to mimic the deep pressure sensory information her son received through Nancy’s hands during therapy.

Since its initial design by Cheryl Allen the SPIO compression orthosis has been incrementally refined and enhanced.

SPIO compression orthoses works on the principal of the link between deep pressure and proprioception

According to Hylton, “Even though this very thin and flexible bracing system has the appearance of a standard shirt and unitard combination, the combination of the natural characteristics of the construction material and the specific compression ratios provides very precise sensory information, which appears to be quite helpful and organizing to children with several different sensorimotor involvements.” Hylton N, Allen C. The development and use of SPIO Lycra compression bracing in children with neuromotor deficits. Pediatr Rehabil. 1997 Apr-Jun;1(2):109-16.

The SPIO compression orthoses range were developed for children who suffer from impaired motor function and benefited from physical stability and postural control