OPED Products - VACOped Trauma Boot

The OPED VACOped trauma boot is an all-in-one stable cast indicated for treatment of foot and ankle injuries. This orthopaedic boot replaces the traditional cast and is a back slab, cast and walker all in one. The OPED VACOped trauma boot offers vacuum cushioning which moulds to the anatomy of the foot and ankle, keeping it stable while adjusting to accommodate swelling and atrophy.

This trauma boot offers treatment for those who have undergone orthopaedic surgery and injuries. The OPED VACOped trauma boot offers range of motion from -15° to +30°, shortening recovery time by almost 4 weeks. The VACOped boot also has changeable liners and a removable sole for hygiene and comfort. This trauma boot offers easy wound inspection during healing and simplifies treatment by being radiolucent. This boot’s state-of-the-art vacuum technology avoids pressure to the body site and provides stability due to a perfectly shaped orthosis at any time. With the VACOped boot, patients are able to accomplish weight bearing after a foot and ankle injury earlier.



The OPED VACOped trauma boot is indicated for those who have suffered injuries such as Achilles tendon ruptures, ankle fractures, metatarsal fracture, calcaneus fractures, severe distortions or arthrodesis.