3D-LITE™ Thermoplastics


  • Open weave polyester material infused with thermoplastic
  • Non-toxic and user friendly
  • 3 dimensional design of the material provides one directional stretch,
    • A smooth surface,
    • No shrinkage,
    • Multi directional rigidity,
    • Optimal draping and mold ability,
    • Breathability and lightweight.
  • 3 different thicknesses with different application recommendations


  • 3mm recommended for small joints and pediatric bracing. Ideal for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients.
  • 5mm recommended when a more rigid and stable brace is needed. Humeral fracture bracing, tibia fracture bracing, pediatric spinal orthosis and elbow braces.
  • 7mm this material recommended for when you need a particularly rigid brace. Recommended for Adult TLSO’s LSO and any other application where maximum rigidity is essential.

Sizing and specifications

  • Color: Beige
  • 3mm (60cmx60cm/60cmx90cm sheet)
  • 5mm (60cmx60cm/60cmx90cm sheet)
  • 7mm (60cmx60cm/60cmx90cm sheet)