Resting Splints

The S.O.T. (Smart Orthotic Treatment) Resting Splint is a hand and wrist brace intended to aid recovery after injury or surgery. The goal for this S.O.T. Resting Splint is to maintain or increase the mobility of the hand while protecting the paretic hand.

With the hand in resting position, this brace offers pain relief and relaxation to the hand.
In addition, this biomechanical position may also reduce the risk of flexor shortening of the wrist and fingers.

This hand and wrist orthosis is lightweight and smooth. While the brace is delivered in arresting position, the S.O.T. Resting Splint has an aluminium core which allows

adjustment to the desired position. Inside the aluminium core, the brace is embedded with polyethylene foam which is covered with fabric. The orthosis anatomic configuration supports the important thenar muscle, the CMC- and MCP joint.


  • Stable and lightweight bracing option
  • Provides moderate compression over the thumb joints
  • Offer soft and comfortable support


This hand and wrist orthosis is perfectly suited when the thumb tends to adduct in the CMC joint and hyperextend in the MCP joint. The S.O.T Resting splint is intended for conditions affect effective grip such as Stroke, CP, rheumatoid arthritis, radialis paresis, muscular dystrophy, oedema or plexus injury.

Sizing and specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Left or Right side
  • Sizes: XXSmall – Large.