SELECTION® Knee Optima Wrap


  • Wrap around hinged knee brace
  • ROM control with various flexion/extension stops
  • ML and AP stability and support
  • Compressive support aiding with knee stability
  • Assist in reducing knee hyperextension with an extra crossing control strap
  • Teardrop shaped open patella
  • “Stay-up” silicone on the inside of the brace to stop downward migration
  • Plus sizes available to accommodate a larger thigh circumference


  • Mild-moderate ML instability
  • Mild-Moderate knee hyperextension
  • Weak ACL
  • Mild OA
  • Post-operative support

Sizing and specifications

  • Color:Black
  • Sizes:XSmall,Small,Small+,Medium,Medium+,Large, Large+, XLarge,XLarge+,XXLarge, XXLarge+