SELECTION® Wrist Rigid

The Selection Wrist Rigid has the same features as the soft version, however, this version has added thumb support and a mouldable palmar aluminum stay, making it more rigid. This wrist brace also comes with two pre-shaped plastic spoons – one on the palmar side and a softer narrower one on the dorsal side. The low cut palmar aspect allows for full rotation of movement in the wrist and fingers and has two closing tabs for easy fastening.

The thumb strap allows for added stability and can be individually adjusted.


  • Low cut palmar aspect allows full ROM of the fingers
  • Well Cut area around the thumb allows full ROM at the thumb joint.
  • Two closing tabs for easy fastening
  • Adjustable thumb strap
  • 2 pre-shaped plastic spoons for extra support
  • Added thumb section increases thumb support and stability


The Selection Wrist Rigid is to be used when the first CMC-joint needs support and off-loading for those with rheumatic disorders, soft tissue injuries, work-related strain or attritional wear.

Sizing and specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Left or Right side
  • Sizes: XSmall-XXLarge