ToeOFF® Combo

The ToeOFF® Combo is a combination or two orthotic devices, a knee orthosis and foot and ankle orthosis. This dynamic low profile orthosis is a functional orthotic solution for those with multiple orthotic needs. As one piece, the ToeOFF® Combo is intended to be used when knee hyperextension is present together with foot drop. Instead of wearing two separate orthotics, which may intervene with the fit of one another, the ToeOFF® Combo is ideal.

The modular components of the ToeOFF® Combo brace allow you to accommodate variances in thigh and calf circumference and can be adjusted to the optimum height for the patient. It is both lightweight and easy to don on and off when relaxing


  • Lightweight, durable, and functional low profile KAFO
  • Easily adjustable uprights
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Weight limit,150 kg
  • Height limit, 2m
  • Only to be used with a ToeOFF/BlueROCKER
  • 5 Components: Joints, Tibia connector, Knee control component, Thigh Cuff, Thigh cuff softKIT.
  • All components are individually sized


This orthotic device is intended for mild to moderate knee hyperextension, genu recurvatum or chronic knee instability as well as severe drop foot and quadriceps weakness due to neuromuscular diseases and injuries. It may also be advised for those post-surgery to aid recovery.

Sizing and specifications

  • Joint with uprights: One size
  • Tibia connector: Small, Medium, Large
  • Combo strap set and buckles: Small, Medium, Large
  • Thigh cuff: Small-XLarge
  • Thigh cuff SoftKIT: Small-XLarge