The Ypsilon® Flow is an ankle and foot orthosis. With a lower heel height, this brace accommodates contours of shoe insoles and gives more clearance for the forefoot in the toe cavity of the shoe. It is designed to give enhanced range of motion and dynamic toe-off assist, preventing and reducing atrophy by allowing muscles, tendons, and ligaments to strengthen.

The Ypsilon® Flow has also been engineered to eliminate pressure of the tibia crest. The footplate has been designed to move with the lower leg and provide less resistance to ground reaction forces.

This foot and ankle orthosis is smooth and thin, and has an interface pad with a strap close to the leg making the brace barely noticeable under pants.


  • Mild drop foot
  • Good ankle stability
  • Allows natural ankle movements while assisting the patient with a dynamic toe-off
  • Open structure design
  • Allows for maximum floor clearance over the instep
  • Nearly no pressure on the anterior tibial crest


The Ypsilon Flow is indicated for those with foot drop due to Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Polio Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, Myelomeningocele, Neuropathy or Cerebral Palsy. It may also be advised for those who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.

Sizing and specifications

  • Left or Right side
  • Sizes: Small – Large.