MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction System for children


  • System joints used with custom long leg orthotic shells
  • Provides a dynamic stretch in the adductor muscles
  • 12″ (Small joint) and 14″ (regular joint) abduction/adduction increment settings
  • Static allowances include setting the rotation angle of the hip joints, internal/external rotation adjustments from -40″ -40″
  • Accurate Physiologically positioning of the legs to help stabilize the hip joints
  • Limiting abduction and adduction of the hips joints
  • Optional locking of the hip joints

Indications for use

  • Spastic Diplegia
  • Spastic Tetraplegia
  • Spastic Triplegia
  • Hip joint subluxation

Sizing and specifications

  • Sizing: Small and Regular
  • Joint size determined by the age of the child
  • Abduction bars sizing determined by the body length of the child


  • MultiMotion Dynamic Corrective System Joint Alignment Tool
  • Dummies for MultiMotion corrective system joint
  • MultiMotion Dynamic Corrective System Joint uprights