Half leg & Full leg cast covers & Half arm & full arm cast covers

The DRYPro waterproof cast protector is a cover that allows patients who have a cast or bandage to bath, shower or swim while protecting their cast. Made from a durable, latex free, surgical rubber that will not tear or rip, these cast protectors use vacuum sealing technology to cling to the cast or bandage and the skin, providing complete waterproof protection.

The material from which the DRYPro waterproof cast protectors is made is guaranteed to not tear or rip and the non-skid grid prevents slipping and ensures grip to the casted or bandaged body part when submerged. With a DRYPro waterproof cast cover, your cast or bandage is protected and completely watertight, allowing you to shower, bath and swim without concern. These waterproof cast covers are safe in salt/fresh water environments, meaning the beach and ocean are an option for children and adults who have casts.

DRYPro waterproof cast & bandage protectors are available for both arm and leg casts.


  • Vacuum sealed
  • Completely waterproof
  • Safe in salt/fresh water environments
  • Non-skid grid prevents slipping
  • Latex freeMade from a durable surgical rubber that won’t tear/rip

Indications for use

  • Cast/bandage protection against water

Sizing and specifications

  • Half Arm sizes: Small and Large
  • Full Arm Sizes: XSmall-Large
  • Half leg sizes: Small and Large
  • Full leg sizes: XSmall-Large